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So, I admit, I'm not a good loser when I'm repeatedly smacked down in fighting games. Sure, fine, kill me here and there; heck, kill me more than I kill you... but if it's just constant beat down after constant beat down, I start to get pissed.

Right now, I'm pissed. And no, not at coldfury... even though I did have to leave the living room so I didn't punch him in the face.

I'm pissed at what the game designers did to Ivy.

No, I'm not talking about her HUGE breasts that she's suddenly found herself having. (Though don't get me started on that or else this post will be twice as long.)

I'm talking about them completely nerfing Ivy!


My favorite moves in the game are now insanely difficult to get to work properly. And hell, even when you're 95% sure you pushed the right buttons, it doesn't happen half the time. Which, I'm guessing, is due to her not being in the right weapon state. (Which, btw, the game doesn't tell you what buttons to push to swap from sword to whip state. WTF?)

Now, granted, I suck at the X-Box controls. I'm a Playstation girl. Give me a Playstation controller and I can figure a game out. The X-box controller is just... too busy.

But seriously, game designers. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY IVY CONTROLS, YOU BASTARDS? *Stab stab*


Yoda is a fucking twink and I want him to die in a fire. *Stabbity stab stab*

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Thank you, skeeter451 for linking to this music video! Eeeeeeee.

This was me during the whole video:

"Hey, that kind of looks like... Noooo, no, it couldn't be... well, maybe... But, wait, how old is Alexis Denisof? I mean, this was twenty-some years... though, well, he DOES look pretty young in the video... Okay, I have to www.imdb.com this!"

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coldfury: So, I'm thinking of changing my character's last name. What should it be?
ifritah: Well, what's your character's first name?
CF: Albert.
Me: Ugh, that's an awful name! (Sorry, to all you Albert's out there. *Cough*)
CF: What, why? Your character could totally call him Al!
Me: *Smirk* And you could call my character Betty?
CF: Uh, sure?
Me: ... Please tell me you catch the reference.
CF: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Me: ... ... ... *Loads up youtube and shows him:

CF: ... Who the hell is Paul Simon and why would you think I'd know this song?
Me: ... I'm so typing this up on LJ.
CF: Okay, but I still think you're on crack for expecting this to be a popular reference. But hell, for the occasion, I shall change my character's last name to Simon! And heck, maybe I'll give him the middle name of Theodore. Heh, see what I did there?
Me: ... *Sigh*

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Act III of Dr. Horrible came out...

Well, at least I loved Act I and II.

Cut for spoilers and a couple of opinions before I go take my medsCollapse )

o/~ With my freeze ray I will stop... Act III. o/~

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You only have until Sunday to watch it!

If you love Joss Whedon, musicals, awesomely bad villainy, and/or Neil Patrick Harris, then you NEED to watch this!
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So, I was typing along innocently at my computer, just about to shut it off for the night...

When a spider rushes toward me, hops down onto my keyboard, and then CLIMBS INTO IT.

I didn't have a can of air, and it's not like I could just open it up... So, I did what any practical person would do.

I pounded the shit out of the keyboard keys, in hopes that it would squish the living crap out of it!

About thirty seconds later, coldfury calls out, "Oooh, it's coming out!"

I jet my eyes to the keyboard, but the bastard rushes back in before I can see him taunt me.

Finally, after some continuous hits of the F keys from CF and my fist held up in anticipation (with a tissue), the spider rushed out of the keyboard once again.

I may have missed him with my first blow, but I found MUCH satisfaction in squishing his ass when he tried to run away across the carpet.


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So, I'm watching the season finale of Xena season five... and there are no words.

NO WORDS for HOW CRAPPY CRAPPY CRAPPY this entire bullshit season was. I didn't think I could get anymore annoyed than in my last post, halfway through. Oh, the last episode put all the past episodes to shame! (So much, that I'm keeping this post public in the hopes that it will reach those innocents who have yet to watch this terrible atrocity.)

Cut for those that don't want spoilers... though I warn those people now: TURN BACK, DO NOT WATCH THIS SEASON. Let it end at season four!Collapse )

So... anyone know how much Hastings will give me if I sell them back this trash for in-store credit?

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(A conversation about the awesome School Rumble, where there was an... interesting "spoiler" discussion)

coldfury: And then he makes her a hentai for kids.
ifritah: ... WHAT?
coldfury: Er, I mean sentai! You know, like Power Rangers.
ifritah: [...] You just broke my head.

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Don't forget to click the "News" button at the button after you read the comic. They describe some highlights of the series... well, highlights might not be the best word. Anyway, I was amused!

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I officially love my soap opera.

Quick synopsis of a plot: Brad, Katie. Married. Brad finds out he knocked up a girl at prom in high school, but she didn't tell him. BAM, sudden teenage kid! And then mom comes to Oakdale. Her name is Janet.

A couple episodes ago, Brad yells out, "Damnit, Janet!"

And, of course, I giggled, because, hey, her name's Janet, and hey, movie reference!

It wasn't until just this minute that I realized that his name was Brad. I mean, he's been on the show so long that it just didn't register.

So, Brad and Janet are totally on As the World Turns!

Who wants to see transvestites show up on motorcycles randomly in outside scenes with them? I do, I do!

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