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Gotta keep sane somehow

Though the last week was quite bumpy, and getting sick last night caused me to have to take a late penalty on my sociology paper is pretty sucky, I have had some forms of entertainment to keep me sane. Namely, on my search about masturbation through history, I came along this interesting gem of information about Egyptian mythology. Since I'm a huge fan of mythology, I got a big kick out of this!

I shall quote the author (Bruce McFarland) because although Summer-speak is always lots of fun, I try to give credit where credit's due:

"The goddess Isis condemns her brother Set and her son Horus for engaging in mutual masturbation. She cuts off the hand of her son to punish him, but then immediately reattaches his hand and masturbates Horus herself in order to fully restore him to function."

Sadly, this can go nowhere in my paper, but still, highly amusing.

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