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Ah Easter... I think I may puke

Just got home from eating all-you-can-eat brunch with the family. I was actually being pretty good, but then I just HAD to have the sundae bar. And those that know how I make those could understand why I'm a bit nauseated at the moment.

Picture, if you will, a sundae holder. I fill it up almost to the brim with nothing but chocolate syrup and toppings (they had maraschino cherries too, Mmmmm). Then, I stick a little bit of chocolate ice cream on top, and put even MORE toppings on! So, basically, after eating the little bit of ice cream, I'm really just eating spoon fulls of toppings mixed with chocolate syrup. Mmmm. Very tasty and sugary. I'm kinda glad we're not gaming tonight... Who knows what sort of sugar high I'd be on...

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