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Philosophy class was canceled! *Dances*

Now, usually, that would mean I'd play until 2:30. *Sigh* But I'm going to transcribe my last tape instead.

I'm being all responsible and stuff... it's eerie. However, I'll take transcribing orgasm talk over discussing Peter Singer any day! Heh, though I hope we read the chapter "What's in it for me?" I'm all about the philosophy "how can this benefit me?" Heh, as people who know me can attest to. ^_^

That damn Buffy paper is still looming... Now, granted, the paper sounds kind of fun to write, I just don't have the TIME. Hopefully, I can at least do a bit on it today, before having to do everything tomorrow.

For all those Buffy fans on my list...

It's about "true bravery" and how the author of an article describes Buffy as truly brave because she has no fear when she faces danger that she knows she can defeat. ... Right. And the author then describes how Xander has "willpower bravery", a lesser form of bravery than Buffy, because he fears the oncoming danger, but by his will and determination, supersedes his fear, and helps out. ... Yeah, this so has to be argued.

So! Here's the examples I'm thinking of using!

(miggy helped me come up with these first two examples)

"Prophecy Girl" - Xander disregards Angel's warning of the danger of going in to to help Buffy (at least, I THINK that's what happens... man, it's been awhile since I've seen that ep!).

"The Zeppo" - Xander and the zombie man over the bomb thing... Again, haven't seen this in awhile, but a BOMB! Yeah, and he manages to stop it even though the possibility of getting blown up is right in his face.

"The Weight of the World" - Buffy goes catatonic when Dawn is taken by Glory. Yeah, truly brave. *Snorts*

It's a small paper, so I think three examples is good enough. What do you guys think?


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