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I accidentally uninstalled Photoshop 8! I have no idea where the disk is to reinstall it, and now I can't make my Ivy from Soul Calibur II* LJ icon! *Flails*

I have *49* icons! Do you realize what this is doing to my OCD brain? It's FREAKING OUT. Must. Have. Even. Number. Of. Icons. My only hope now is that miggy makes that Celine pic sometime soonish, and then makes it into a LJ icon as an added bonus like she did with the Ali picture she did...

That, or Tom needs to get his ass into town so he can reinstall Photoshop for me with his computer magic...

Or someone can make me an Ivy LJ icon. ^_~

At this point, any of those three options will appease me! (Though granted, the Celine pic is very very wanted, but I'm not trying to be pushy.)

* Just played this for the first time over the weekend. I LOVE this game! Granted, 3D fighting games usually don't do it for me, but this one, I keep!

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