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Dear GODS, what happend to the honors dorm???

So, I'm typing away, all deep in thought and such. Tom's heading my way, and so I'm expecting a call soonish. What do I get instead? A knock at the door. Fine fine, no big, it's probably Tom. Nope.

Two guys on a couch - one with a horrid fro and another that looks like he hadn't washed his hair in a couple of weeks. So I look at them.

Me: Can I help you?

Fro Guy: Naw.

Me: *Frowns* Did you knock on my door?

Fro Guy: No, but that *points around the corner* guy might have.

I sigh, and look around the corner. There's a guy that I've seen every once and awhile in the dorms with his back against the other side of the wall attempting to hide from me.

Me: *With glare* Is there something I can help YOU with?

Guy: *Gulps* Umm, no.

Me: Right. *I go back into my room*

*Flails* WTF?

I'm writing the biggest paper of my undergrad career, ass holes. Go tip some cows and leave me the hell alone.

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