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Angel thoughts

I finally saw the season finale of Angel last night. *Cries* Yes, I'm still in denial that it's not coming back next season. But for those who care, here's how I felt about it:

(rune_karidan - You're not allowed to read this :P)

First things first -

Initial reactions when the credits hit the screen (paraphrased):

Chan: ...
Me: ...
Chan: ...
Me: ... *Mini snicker*
Chan: ...
Me: *Snickers full out, and then goes into a full out laugh.
Chan: *Looks over at me puzzled*
Me: *After a few moments of laughing, I point at the screen* Dragon. *Giggles* They had to fight a DRAGON. *Laughs once more* That is so very silly!
Chan: ...

Of course, it wasn't just the "well, I don't know about you guys, but I wanna kill that dragon" (or whatever Angel says) that got me giggling, but did you see that demon in the middle coming at them? I SWEAR he was doing a car dance! I was highly amused.

*Cough* Anyway, about the rest.

Biggest shock: Well, I was spoiler free, but the Wesley thing had very obvious foreshadowing. But the Lorne shooting Lindsey thing THREW me!

Most emotional scene: Wesley and Fred (Illyia)'s reunion, of course! Well, or whatever you want to call it. It really was the only way to end his storyline, but I still couldn't help a couple of tears hitting my cheeks. *SNIFF*

Most pleasing moment: Spike's poetry closure! Awwwwwwww.

All in all: For the most part, I was pleased. Sure, the ending had a Mortal Kombat ending, but it was still good. I did think they left a lot of things open (thought perhaps that was on purpose). However, I have to disagree with everyone that thought it was better than "Chosen".

Now, at first, I wasn't so sure. But after discussing the episode with wondervixen, I can see her POV. However, at this point, I'd say they're both pretty even with me. Angel didn't have an easily avoidable confrontation with very silly villains, but then, at least the Btvs season finale didn't have Principal Wood fighting six vamps all by himself and coming out with his life (sorry Gunn, but please).

But I loved each person's "last day" stuff. Hell, I was even okay with Connor making an appearance! Ah, how times do change.

Closing miscellaneous thought: I LOVE Illyria! Can I keep her?


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