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You know what I hate?
Got home from going with my mom to Avon's award thingy (yay for free fancy lunch! They had the YUMMIEST cheese cake).

But here's a couple of things that happened today that just annoyed the hell out of me:

1) When you get an award, and people you don't know HUG you! What the hell!?! Is that some form of punishment for doing good? Haven't these people heard of "the" bubble? You know, the thing that every person has unless they're scary.

2) When it's your birthday, and a whole bunch of strangers sing Happy Birthday to you! It's bad enough when friends and family sing it at you! It's uncomfortable as all hell, and THEN you add ANOTHER variable by having it be people you don't or hardly know? ACK! @_@ Glad it wasn't me, that's all I have to say.

Note: This is why I hate going to restaurants on my birthday. Oh sure, they give you a free slice of pie or an equivalent, but is it worth it to have them sing at you in a circle, or have them shove an icky sombrero on your head that likely has lice in it? NO thank you!
Purr for me