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New anime watching! - GROWL — LiveJournal
New anime watching!
I saw the Fatal Fury OAV and the movie. For the most part, I liked it. Yay for Mai and Krauser! Mmmm, Krauser. *Purrs*

However, I must say:

WTF is up with the Lily storyline??? She was in the OAV for like, five MINUTES. Sure, Terry and her had a moment, but PLEASE. They KISSED. ONCE. This is not a tragic love story here! And she was CONSTANTLY brought up! The hell?

And where did Terry get a photo of her? I mean, sure, he could probably find ANYTHING in that bag of his (that's where I decided the motorcycle came from), but yeah...

*Steps off her soapbox*

Other than that, and the occasional sexist line or fight scene, I was pleased.

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