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The Buffy cast meets my family

Weirdest. Dream. Ever.

Some of the details are pretty hazy, but the main part I recall was that I was indirectly responsible for Spike getting killed. My family and I were at a concert when all of this went down, and then I had to rush off, because "Dark" Willow (yes, with black hair and everything) was coming to kill me for being involved with Spike's death. (Don't ask me why she cared, I have nooo idea.)

So, the dream consisted of me running around, trying to escape her, meanwhile bumping into family and friends. Willow put a bomb in my car! So rude. So, I called out for help, and someone pushed 'Cancel' on the keyboard. Eheh. Gotta love dreams!

Then more running and almost deaths, and cameos of my people saving me. Awww.

Still very weird.

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