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Stupidity or ignorance.. you be the judge.

After going to Starsky and Hutch for the midnight movie with Tom, we decided to go to Shari's.

wondervixen, gailadora, coldfury: Guess who our server was! Yup.. Mr. Pot Man himself.

What exciting adventures were we in for this evening? Here's the highlight:

Tom: *Orders breakfast, and asks for his eggs to be fried*

Server: ... *Looks at his order pad, looks down, then finally finds the gumption to ask, after it looking painfully obvious the gears in his head were turning ever so slowly* Uhh.. What exactly do you mean by fried?

Tom: ...

Me: ...

Tom: *Explains what a fried egg is as well as he can.*

Server: *Blank stare*

Tom: You know.. *attempts to find some other way to explain it* .. You know what, just make them scrambled.

All I can say is... Wow.

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