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I can swallow! ... Well, that didn't come out right.

Today was the first day I woke up with my throat seeming somewhat normal. Yay mostly wellness!

To celebrate, I dropped an earring down the drain. This did not please me. I spent about twenty minutes looking around the house for different mechanisms that I could use to pull it out. All I managed to do was shove it further in until it was not even possible to retrieve. Good going, Summer.

Quote of that moment:

"Okay, Summer, you have a college education, surely you can find a way to get your earring out of the drain. *Shoves part of a hanger down the drain, shoving the earring too far down.* Son of a bitch."


I got Pillow Talk today. Love that movie. However, now I keep trying to recall the name of that classic movie that I had seen a long time ago where the main character is a witch... I think she didn't want to fall in love or some classical theme like that... think she had a cat too (well, yeah, witch). Anyway, now it's bugging me because I'd love to see that flick again. Anyone know what I'm babbling about?

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