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Yet another weird dream, this time, I'm NAKED!

Had a dream that I stripped down naked in the middle of a street. I had a big poster board with me so that people could write down how they felt about it. I got several offended, and even more phone numbers!

Then I heard police sirens, and booked it! Unfortunately, later I was caught because pictures were somehow taken of me! Gasp! And so a cute officer took me to lunch for questioning. I don't believe I got a ticket.

Huh. Guess I have self-esteem in spades when I'm in the dreamworld!!

A second dream (well, or it may have been the same way, don't remember) was just as strange, but more my M.O. I was selling d10s in an elevator. I kept putting the different colors on different numbers. The one I can remember putting the most emphasis on was the blue dice HAD to be on 9. Sadly, they kept moving to a different number! Highly annoying for a girl with OCD, even when she's in dream-mode!

Of course, that wasn't the normal part. The normal part was that people kept getting killed and showing up in my elevator! They got blood all over my dice! I have to SELL those! So rude.

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