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Stole this from jessikana. She's the best ^_^

Choose a band: Nine Inch Nails

Use only the names of songs by the band to answer the questions below.

Are you male or female: A Warm Place
Describe yourself: Somewhat Damaged
How do some people feel about you: Sanctified
Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: Something I Can Never Have
Describe how you feel about him/her: Just Like You Imagined
Describe your current boyfriend/girlfriend: Ringfinger
Describe how you feel about him/her: Closer
Describe your "type": Happiness in Slavery
Describe your friends: We're In This Together
Describe what you want to be: Big Man With A Gun
Describe where you want to be: Down In It
Describe what you want to do: The Day the World Went Away
Describe how you live: Sin
Describe how you love: Even Deeper
One thing you want to say to someone: No You Don't

May I say, not having a "real" ex made this meme VERY hard!

Well, actually, picking a group that sings only depressing songs made the entire meme difficult! But, I did my best with what I had!

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