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... *Blanks* Man, I KNOW there's a reason I pulled up the update page!


Okay... Something happened last nig- OH!


So! I had my first day of training someone yesterday. I thought it was going to suck, but it was actually very enjoyable. I've learned something very valuable about myself actually: Not only do I like control, but I LOVE having control in work situations. Aka - I like being a "superior". ... Is that what they still call it? Can't think of another term, even though that one's a bit messed up.

Of course, who doesn't like knowing the answer? Who doesn't enjoy being cooed at because "You've only been here a few weeks and you KNOW all of this?" Mmm, I can feel my ego grow.

Granted, there were times when I was screaming at her in my head, "For the love of all that is holy can you not do that ANY FASTER?" Then I was horrified at the thought that I may have been that slow when I was trained. I really don't think I was THAT slow, but hey, I may have been. And that's slightly alarming.

... And I'm babbling.

So! Did I mention that I'm being dragged to see Ewan McGregor at The Flicks to see Young Adam on Saturday? *Sigh* Okay, sure, a naked Ewan McGregor (it's rated NC-17), but it's going to end badly. Anything that shows at The Flicks ends horribly and is rather artsy. I HATE artsy films. Also, (enter shallow Summer here) the girl in the advertisement picture that's all close-like with Ewan... she's not attractive. I can't watch a film where I have to watch some unattractive woman get it on with EM!

In fact, here's me in a video store to give you an idea of just how shallow I am (judge me how you will):

Me: *Picks up a video with a half naked woman with a gun in her hand looking sexy-like* Oooh, Tom, let's get this one!

Tom: *Glances at it and sighs* You and your damn half-naked woman covers.

Me: *Flips it over, frowns, and puts it back* Never mind.

Tom: *Eyes me* The guy wasn't attractive enough?

Me: *Raises arms in the air for a moment in frustration* It's just not *fair*. If you're going to have a romantic lead, I have to find you somewhat attractive or I just can't watch!

Tom: *Pats me*

Me: *Notes another half-naked woman cover. This time, she's in leather!* Ooooh. *Picks it up*

Porn is even harder to watch sometimes. The girls are often all right, but some of the guys... *Shudder*

Hmm, that reminds me, I need to watch that softcore about the Invisible Man again. That was hilarious!

*Cough* And I shall stop talking/typing now.

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