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... My subconscious is seriously disturbed.

I had a dream that I gave birth to a cat (black, even)!!

Yes, even in the dream Tom and I were shocked (yes, it was Tom's. Poor bastard). Later, his family came over to see our... umm... child, and by that time the nurse had kindly put our kitty in a nicely decorated bag. The relatives were confused, yet strangely polite about the whole thing. We still got gifts!

... I need to stop eating snack foods before bed.


On a less disturbing note, Tom mentioned to me what one of Winco's signs says, which, actually, gives them a couple of points in my book (which is impressive since I have a Jihad and all). The sign says: "No need to double bag"

*Nod* Indeed. Let's all remember that double bagging is not necessary, IN FACT, it is a bad thing to do. Okay, so you don't where he/she has been, but sticking another sucker on is NOT going to make your chances of getting something funky less. It actually will worsen your chances because both "bags" will rub against each other, their combined friction likely to create holes in the latex.

So, kiddies, just remember what your fellow Winco proudly states at their cash register, and live a safer and more fulfilling life!

... I wonder if Winco realizes the double meaning in their advertisement? Hmmmm...

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