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Hymens and the 21st century just don't mix well - GROWL — LiveJournal
Hymens and the 21st century just don't mix well
So I'm reading this romance novel (yes, a romance novel. Shut up) and it's set in the 21st century.

The woman (30 yrs old), of course, is a virgin until she meets her "giant that causes her inner passions to stir". They have some sex (some very vague and disappointing sex, I might add) and she STILL has her hymen.

Okay, now I'm not saying that it isn't possible. I mean, it's possible she'd never ridden a bike... or fallen out of tree, etc. It's unlikely, but hey, not impossible. But come on!

The only reason I flail here is this holds out a disturbing image in my mind of a young, just married, Mormon couple.

They just finish having their first sex run, and he's horrified that she didn't have a hymen. He thinks, "My God, has she been with someone else?"

She thinks there's something wrong with her, and freaks. They wind up getting a divorce, and she ends up a single mom with perhaps some alimony.

*Cough* Okay, maybe it's not THAT bad, but I do think that there are a whole lot of misconceptions out there. I mean, I've *never* met a woman who had hers when she lost her virginity. A friend of mine's friend is the closest that I've ever heard.

That's it, I'm writing a smut book where the main character is a virgin female and she WON'T have a hymen! Mwahahaha! Take THAT! Then I'll have my closure.

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