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The wacky adventures of drunk Summer

Got drunk last night with bobthebarbarian, coldfury, gailadora, and pirateday. We played Asshole then tried our hand at a game of Magic. Amusingly enough, the two most drunk people (that would be Wendy and I) were the last two left standing. What does this mean? I suppose that with a lot of luck and a good deck, strategy really isn't THAT big of a deal.

Some of the highlights:

* I accidentally assaulted Chris as I very quickly shoved into him really hard for a hug. (I'm VERY affectionate when I'm drunk...)

* Wendy and I gave our love to laechim on Chris' AIM... several times. Of course, then the men-folk came around and talked to him as well. Thus, at varied times throughout the night one of the five of us would be saying something to the man. ... Poor Mike.

* While I was at my most drunk, I managed to be president FIVE games in a ROW. I was actually relieved when I wasn't anymore since I couldn't for the life of me come up with a sixth rule to be in effect.

* Some of the rules that I had implemented in my five game reign: 1) If you play a jack, you have to do a jumping jack for however many you put down. 2) Any time you play triples, you have to kiss the cheek of the same sex. 3) Every time you play doubles, you have to kiss the cheek of the opposite sex. (Those were the most interesting of the five rules. Again, I say, yes, I'm very affectionate while drunk. And it shows.)

Then Tom and I went home. The strange part, however, comes after I woke up this morning: with the collar of Tom's shirt around my WAIST, looking somewhat like I was wearing a skirt. He doesn't know how it got there... I don't know how it got there... It's slightly disconcerting.

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