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I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

You know you missed me.

Right! So! I went to Vegas and things! There was much that happened, but I'll try to keep it short (for me) so that those of you who choose to read this won't fall asleep on me.

The short short version would be that I had a HORRID first day in the lovely city, but the second day more than made up for it. The third day was just kinda there (it was mainly spent in airports and planes).

The best parts of the trip:

* The Fountains of Bellagio were GORGEOUS. I wish I would have been able to spend more time watching them. So much cooler than fireworks.

* Madame Tussauds was AMAZING. I had my picture taken with Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy (my gods, that woman is SMALL), Patrick Stewart, Ryan Seacrest, and my favorite Simon. In fact, I even sang "Hey Jude" to him (yes, I sang karaoke in a wax museum. In front of other people. No, I don't plan on doing this again). He told me I was terrible, and I was in heaven.

* I'm in love with the Las Vegas Hilton. The whole Star Trek theme was fabulous. I bought a borg shirt (the borg that came up to me while I was trying it on over my shirt said that it suited me well for when I would be assimilated. He even said they'd try to work something out so that I could wear the shirt even as one of them. Awww.). I also had to explain to my mother pretty much everything that we came upon. Ah, I'm such a geek. Their buffet was also the best I've ever eaten at. These people heat up your pie for you! How COOL are these people?!

* I got a Henna tattoo that I loooooooove (and also was flirted with by the jewish guy who did it for me. He was cute, though a bit on the too thin side). I've decided that if I get a tattoo, it will be of this (taurus bull symbol with a banner that says "taurus" in the middle).

* Checked out the hotel that I'm likely going to get married in (the Luxor). I'm way big on Egypt and Egyptian mythology, so I'm glad that Tom said this is the place he wanted. Soooooo pretty!

And yes, I also gambled. I had even been up $225 at one time, but then I started losing (mainly because I humored my mother by playing games I had no interest in) and so I stopped spending my money on such things and bought shirts instead! One nifty thing, however, was that for the hell of it I put $1 on the Roulette table. I wanted to put it on black, but I was told it was a $3 min. for black or red. So, since I already had a chip, I shrugged, and randomly put it between four numbers. And I won! Yay me! It landed on red too. So, instead of losing my dollar, I gained $7! Heh heh.

I also saved $50 to take home with me to buy season 4 of Angel. I decided if I'm going to be scraping by for the next... very long time, I'm gonna have the DVDs I've wanted very badly as my leaving Vegas gift! (Well, okay, I bought them when I got back into town, but still!)

Lastly, karenhealey was right. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher ARE crack! I immediately went to Hastings after buying Angel and bought book two!

All in all, Vegas is a good place. I'd like to go again when I A) have more money B) on a weekend, and C) with someone that has similar interests as I do. (I wanted to see Penn and Teller and my mom replied, "Who are they?" I was flabbergasted.)

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