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This whole getting up early thing has made me forget to post! So, here's what's up with me:

Job: Job is all right. I'm a Technical Records Specialist II. It's a very lax environment... and very chatty. Granted, the department is only girls, so there you go. People don't really work all that much, but manage to get enough done to not look lazy. That part freaks me out. I'm a work-oriented person when I'm working. I want assignments and then for people to leave me the hell alone so I can get them done. I don't enjoy chatting/gossiping about my co-workers, friends, family, pets, blah blah. As well, this whole "Oh, don't worry about that till tomorrow" when it's only 3 pm thing is just wrong to me. I hate leaving things unfinished (which is ironic for me, I know).

A second thing about the job... I still don't know my position very well. Of course, my trainer (the person I'm replacing) doesn't know the job either, so that's kind of worrisome. One of our training conversations went like this: "Okay, so this is a PA form. When people call and want a PA, we grab out this form. We need to find out *circles* this, this, this, and this. Of course, after that, I have absolutely no idea what to do... so I generally panic." Yeah.

I do love working though. I've been so down lately because of the whole not working thing. It made me feel useless, lazy, and worthless. Good times. Just glad I feel like I have a purpose again. Even if that purpose is just to get by until I finally get off my ass and try for grad school.

Free time: I went to the Haunted Woods last night with wondervixen. It was great. We had our roles (I was the guy, and she was the scared date that clutched onto me the whole time... of course, part of that was because we almost fell on our asses a couple of times from the INSANE terrain). I even actually half jumped a couple of times, and once was even scared (that's a BIG compliment from me). ... And then I clobbered someone. On accident! We went into this dark tunnel thingy... PITCH DARK. So, this girl jumps out in front of me to get her boo on. It didn't really work, but that's okay. So, I started moving forward once more, my hands a bit out in front of me and Chan grabbing hold of my ass so we don't lose each other... but the girl didn't MOVE. She just stood IN FRONT OF ME after her attempted scare!! Right... so I smacked into her, causing her to be flung into the side of the tunnel. I actually got her AIRBORNE. She must have been a little thing. I felt soooooo bad. I asked her if she was okay about three different times before she finally answered in a meek, injured voice that she was fine. Why hadn't she MOVED? I mean, we can't see a damn thing! Hmph.

The rest of my free time has pretty much been role-playing and reading a whole hell of a lot. Granted, I haven't been AS bad with the obsession with reading since I started working, but yeah. ALSO, I got my entire plan for karenhealey's Edward/Anita smut fic worked out. I'm so proud of me. After I finish off reading the series thus far, I shall start it!

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