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Yup, we have our priorities straight.

Tom and I discussed our finances last night... and wow.

I told him how much I'm in debt from school loans... He paused and then replied, "Well, at least I feel better now." To which *I* replied, "But, Tom, you're *marrying* me." I got a verbal ellipse and everything. So, our total debt... is scary.

Then we're in the shower this morning, and I ask the question, that really, should have been asked awhile ago. "So... how are we going to afford to get married next year?"
"Well, we'll save up."
"... But I need to save up for ACen."
"... And I want to go to Defcon next year."
"Well, we have our priorities straight."

Our plan of attack? Yeah, we don't have one. Though the idea of allowing my parents to pay for everything sounds great... Yeah, right.


On a side note:

The botton of my pants awhile ago broke off. Who sewed it back on? Why, my-way-more-domestic-than-me-fiance, of course! Yup, he sews, cooks, irons. Why the hell do I need to know this stuff? See, there was a reason I never cared to learn! ^_^_v

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