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Oceans 12...

I have many words to say on it, but the best is: slooooooooooooooow. Oh, my dear gods, it was so damn slow. I tried to stay awake, I really did. And anyone who knows me realizes that it's quite a feat for me to actually zonk out during a public viewing of a film. I came in and out of the baby naps to double check to make sure it hadn't suddenly gotten better... and it so didn't.

There was, however, one good scene. Yes, one good scene in the entire film. (And my man concurs, who actually DID stay awake throughout the whole awfulness.) I'd describe it, but if you are actually insane enough to spend money on this crap, then I just can't bring myself to spoil the only cool part.

Do yourselves a favor. If you really must see this film, wait for the dollar theatre or for home video. You'll thank me.

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