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The Phantom of the Opera and Michelle Trachtenberg

Saw the movie The Phantom of the Opera today. It was fabulous! They tried to stay true to the play, which made me very happy. I'm considering reading the book now, too.

I do, however, still love the play more. Of course, I watched it in London, so that might have something to do with it. But also, it gave me chills in the playhouse. My favorite part was how they changed the set during "The Phantom of the Opera". Absolutely amazing.

The movie, though, it was definitely worth watching. The singing was well done, the costumes were fabulous, and I absolutely adored Minnie Driver as Carlotta.

I also saw the preview for Ice Princess with Michelle Trachtenberg. If you haven't seen it, it's about a young girl who's a bit off because she's uber smart, and so she decides to be an ice skater! ... It makes slightly more sense when you see the preview. Here were the two main thoughts that went through my head when I saw the preview: A) "Dawn totally stole Buffy's dream of being an ice skater! Mwehehehehe!" and B) "Huh, I wonder if she'll make out with her brother in this movie."

*Sigh* I suppose I'll finish doing laundry, even though all I want to do is play Soul Calibur II. I want to beat people up with staves and whip-swords, damnit!

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