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Movie weekend.

I have the day off today! *Does cartwheels* Yay Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Because of this, I have time to post! AREN'T YOU LUCKY?

First off, thank you everyone who commented to my scent post. It was quite helpful! *Hugs all of you*

Now, onto my life! ... Which really isn't too exciting so I'll just skip to the weekend movies I saw!

Blade: Trinity: Okay, let me first discuss how the Blade movies, as a rule, royally piss me off. Silver DOES NOT KILL VAMPIRES. Those are WEREWOLVES, you twits! As well, SUNBLOCK will NOT make you invincible to sunlight. Ahem, I could go on, but I'll stop there before I spend an entire twenty minutes going into how much Blade movies annoy me on vampire principle.

So why did I see the third one, you ask? Well, I had planned to never see another Blade movie after the first (thus, second hasn't, nor will it ever be, watched by me). But then they got one of my men to be a main character in it (licks Ryan Reynolds)! They also got one of My Man's (the capital means he really does belong to me) girlfriend's in it. And I must say, Jessica Biel is a hottie. Plus, I'm a sucker for women badasses kicking lots of ass.

All in all? Not too bad of a film. Wouldn't probably see it again, but it was decent for one go. I imagined in my mind that all the silver weapons were really made out of wood, and watched the eye candy and Abigail kicking ass with glee. Well, one thing DID bother me about Abigail's kicking ass though.

She likes to listen to mp3's when she FIGHTS?? Is she STUPID? Yes, let's take away one of the most vital senses in a fight, so we can get a good jiggy beat while we beat vamps up. Yeah, THAT'S a good idea. *Shakes her head*

Focusing on the boys - Dracula was scrumptious and King without his shirt on made me have to concentrate on not slobbering. (An amazing feat since I dislike men with beards. But he could pull it off, mm, yes he could.)

gailadora and I discussed much of this with many mm's and purrs of pleasure after the film. To which we were told by bobthebarbarian "You two realize you're acting like girls, right?" Yes, I knew this comment was directed at me. And no, I didn't care, because MY GOD, they were yummy.

*Cough* Next movie...

Elektra: Poor coldfury. He had to hear me bitch on my soap box for... oh man, I don't even know how long about how horrible this movie was. Now, there's bad movies where you can shake your head and go, "wow, that was bad" and walk away, and then there's bad movies that make you giggle because of how horrid they are... and then there's the bad where if you don't get everything out that pissed you off you're going to EXPLODE. Yeah, this was one of those.

coldfury was smart though. Knowing full well I was going to go off on a tangent, he seduced me with the arcade! I beat up every single character in Soul Calibur II, but juuuuust missed killing the boss. Damn you Inferno and your only giving me one chance to kill you! Felt good though. Last time I tried the arcade version of the game I got my ass way kicked. Waaaaay kicked. It's amazing what happens when you note what the buttons ARE instead of just try to recall where your fingers go on the Playstation II pad. Ahem. I spent all of $.50 by playing so good. Mmm, frugality through skill! Whoo!

... Wow, this is a LONG post. *Beat* I shall take up all of your screen space! Mwahahahahahaha!!!

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