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I FINALLY finished that damn Laurell K. book. It took every last ounce of willpower, but I'm done. What possessed me to buy the third book in her second series last week is seriously beyond me. Habit? Maybe.

My current reading list consists of:

* The Last Suppers by Diane Mott Davidson (Murder mystery. Yes, it was a gift. No, I'm really not enjoying it).

* Still reading that Susan Page publishing book. *Sigh* Nonfiction is just harder for me to read.

* The Story of O by Pauline Reage (I've always wanted to read this, and so I finally picked it up... six months ago. *Cough* Yes, I'm finally starting it! It seems fitting considering what I'm writing currently).


I had my V-Day weekend. Wasn't too bad. I'm lucky enough that I'm with a man who doesn't think much of the holiday either. Personally, I think the whole idea behind this holiday is just stupid. So, let me get this straight... you HAVE to give me flowers? Because it's the 14th of February? And I should be somehow impressed or swayed off my feet WHY?

We pulled our resources together and managed to see Hitch (decent movie, although there was one aspect to the movie that somewhat pissed me off), ate a heart-shaped pizza (hey, it didn't cost extra), and had mint-chocolate ice cream with brownie bits. Yes, this would be why sex was put off until this morning. Waaaay too much food!


Today was my mom's birthday. I BAKED a cake. Even more surprising is that I needed to clean the pan for the cake and used the dishwasher withOUT using the wrong soap that winds up putting suds all over the floor. VICTORY.

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