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Mmm, four-day weekend. Way cooler than three-day weekends.

Although my job may be currently VERY stressful, I can't complain about the lovely perk of not working for the next four days. Mmmmm.

I also have the whole place to myself for all day today and most of tomorrow. *Runs around in circles*

What shall I do with myself today? I think I shall write on my novel (gotta get at least five pages done today), and reward myself with Angel eps in-between pages. Gotta be good though, since later on this evening I'm gaming in Mage. Must. Be. Productive.

I also should do some WWI research... blah. Hrm, maybe I'll just have rune_karidan and gailadora go over it with me. Yeeeeees. So, guys, tell me about Russia! ^_^

As for other news... Umm... I finished another book? No more crappy mystery novel for me! ... But then I started two more. Yes, I am insane. The new ones are:

* Up in a Heaval by Piers Anthony. Mmm, high school reading level novels. They're so nice for breaks at work.

* The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White. I've had it for forever, but have been avoiding it since it feels way too much like school. However, every book I've read about writing professionally keeps pointing at this book, and so I read. ardweden should be proud. ^_~

Oh! And on a second side note: I updated my LJ interests so that I now have exactly 100! Yes, I have more interests than friends... by a lot. My OCD is currently sated with this new development. It kept poking my subconscious: "Summer! Summer, you have 97. That does NOT end on a 0 or 5. FIX IT."

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