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Why Babe was an ox, not a bull.

I was way sleepy when I got home yesterday to write this up until now...

Played in bobthebarbarian 's Mage game, San Fran in the Frying Pan, last night, where the group discovered... well, *points up at subject*.

Basic summary of scene: Talia (my bisexual dominatrix), Nike (gailadora 's naive umbra and mate obsessed chickie), and Royce (coldfury 's nice guy whose mouth often leads to trouble) are stuck in the dining room that belongs to a werewolf mafia. A were-panther needs our help to smack down six non-human loggers.

Nike: Like Paul Bunyan?

Royce: ... Yeah, like Paul Bunyan.

Nike: These are huge monsters!

Royce: Well, I doubt they're the same size as Paul Bunyan.

Talia: Or have blue bulls.

We all go silent in OOC for a beat, and then burst out laughing. We're all a bunch of perverts.

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