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Meme! (Aka - something to do while I wait for the shower)

Stolen from moisha:

My Hair: Straight blonde hair that hits my lower back.
My Makeup: Occasionally some cover-up, but everything else can kiss my ass.
My Dream: To become a well-known and respected author.
My Obsession: Currently, it's my weight.
My Most Attractive Feature: Soft skin? Sure!
My Favorite Thing to Do: Sit on my favorite spot of the couch with my bare feet tucked in close as I read a book.
I'm Wearing: A silk black robe. (I'm waiting for the shower, remember?)
I'm Drinking: Nothing right now.
I'm Listening to: Aqua - "Back From Mars"
I'm Thinking: Still reeling from how much fat is in Chicken Bakes at Costco, and how I will never EVER eat another one... no matter how damn good they are.
I See: The computer screen?
I Find: That when you thought you were being good, Chicken Bakes will RUIN YOU. ... Okay, maybe I'm currently obsessed with Chicken Bakes.
I Want: MONEY! GIMME. SUCCESS! GIMME. Some fame would be nice, too. But not to the point where I couldn't walk down the street. Just enough that I'd get fan mail. Mmm, fan mail. ... GIMME.
I Have: Silver nail polish! My nails are so... silver!
I Wish: I could sit my ass down and write, instead of dabble here and there.
I Love: Winning.
I Hate: Failing.
I Fear: Dolls. *Shudders*
I Smell: *Sniffs* ... Wow, just air. Nothing else, really.
I Wonder: If I'll actually finish my novel.
I Regret: Eating that damn Chicken Bake!

Name: Summer
Age: 24
Age you wish you were: 22 - there is no better age in this world to be.

Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
How many times have you dyed your hair?: Dyed: Once (it went badly). Highlighted: Twice
What color(s)?: Tried for black... it turned... a funky dead gray color. It was awful. Blonde highlights.
Ever worn color-changing contacts?: Nope, just the regular ones.
Favorite body part: Hmm... I'm fond of my gastrocnemiuses.
Body part people compliment the most: My ass.
Ever been told you resemble a celebrity?: Yup! There was this famous skier that people went off to me that I looked like. I think her name was Summer too, but I can't remember. Eliza Dushku has been thrown out a couple times, but I think people were just being nice.
Piercings?: Ears (two piercings in my left ear, one in my right) and a tongue ring.
Tattoos?: No, but that might be changing soon.
Braces?: Should've had 'em, parents couldn't afford them, my mouth now looks like a result of a scary dentist flick.
Ever shaved your head?: Nope!
Height: ... I'm 5'8" damnit, I don't care what anyone says!

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