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Gambling goodness. - GROWL — LiveJournal
Gambling goodness.
After several weeks of my mother telling me that we HAVE to go to Jackpot for their Texas Hold 'Em tournament that goes on every Sunday at noon, I finally was able to go. We're heading out today and spending the night. I'm bringing $100, Tom's laptop, three books, and my gambling optimism!

The laptop is for when I'm tired of gambling (yes, even I get bored of it after awhile), and head up to my room to write chapter four of Morality's Descent. (I'm not allowed to watch the fifth disc of Buffy S7 until I do so.) The books are for a similar reason, though more for if that gambling optimism turns into BAH, I LOST ALL MY MONEY IN FIVE MINUTES.

I'm going to hit the poker tables for more than that tournament, I think. I have very good poker karma. We'll see how it goes! Go Seven Card Stud GO. But, naturally, I'm going to head over to my lovely, beautiful Blackjack tables for they call to me with their sweet music.

I might even play slots this time for a tiny bit since last time I was down there I brought $50, lost $47.50, put the rest in a maximum two quarter slot, and won $50! I then quickly fled with my breaking even and later bought Angel S5 with the cash.

And yes, I will play Keno. I WILL HAVE MY CLOSURE, DAMNIT. One day. Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

Current Mood: optimistic optimistic
Current Music: Traci Lords - "Fallen Angel"

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