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I don't know how this happened, but I've now watched two weeks of American Idol performances. I guess that means I'm watching the show now. *Sighs in defeat*

So, hell, I might as well throw out my opinions about everyone that was on last night.

Anthony: Maybe it's the fact that he looks like an old friend of mine's ex-boyfriend. I'm sure that's part of it, but I really just don't like him or his voice. Blah.

Anwar: He reminds me of one of the singers in Milly-Vanilly. Maybe he should have someone dub over his voice, too. PLEASE dub his voice. Well, or, you know, MAKE HIM GO AWAY.

Bo: ... Eh. That's what I think when he sings. I just can't get into his voice, and I don't really like his look. I was amused at Paula stealing his hat though. ... His sweaty, icky hat. *Shudders*

Carrie: Great voice, but STOP SINGING COUNTRY. She's adorable, I can't deny that, but the country must STOP.

Constantine: Him and that damn movie can go far FAR away from me! BLAH.

Jessica: Okay voice when it wasn't doing that 'Uh' thing at the end of a word. She really wasn't that memorable.

Nadia: I'm agreeing with the judges here - great performer, but her voice just doesn't impress. She's better than the boys, but I think she's the weakest link of the girls.

Nikko: Eh. I could take or leave him. To be honest, I really don't recall his performance at this point. Umm... His name reminds me of wondervixen 's kitten whose name is Kiko?

Scott: UGH. GO AWAY. Go run off with Anwar. Love each other and never EVER sing again unless it's to serenade each other.

Vonzell: I LOVE Vonzell. She's my favorite. She's gorgeous with an amazing voice. She looked absolutely hot in that black number. And also? She made me actually like a Whitney Houston song. Now THAT takes talent.


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