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Internet! At home! Yay!

Thanks to the boys (though apparently more my man since he had the day off), we have the entire wiring setup all pretty in our house. We have internet AND cable. Mmmmm.

Although, considering that I've had internet access through work, I wasn't as crazed as they were when we finally had access. Which is probably why I bought Get Over It to watch as a good distraction from unpacking. I absolutely adore this movie. It has one of the best opening credit scenes I've ever had the pleasure of watching. If you like predictable high school romantic comedies with their own unique twist (in this case, that would be the Midsummer Night's Dream musical) then you should check this baby out!

I also saw the first three episodes of Marmalade Boy (no, I did not get any unpacking done yesterday ^^;)... and I absolutely adore it! The clothes are so awful that it makes me want to cry, but the plot is so messed up that I can't help but be drawn in by it.

The business office has a phone conference with corporate today. No one knows when it is, and no one had time (well, besides me) to prepare for it yesterday, so I'm intrigued to find out how well it'll go. For me, I'm just excited that I know there'll be something to DO today! Well, for at least awhile, anyway.

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