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This is just too funny!

So I went to a end of the year Psych majors party, and some friends and I got to talking about RPing...Well, two of us RP, and two didn't really know much about it (except all the stereotypes of course). Heh...Well one of the guys thought we said *fore*playing, and it got even better when my guy friend discussed how he gender bended (played as an opposite sex character), it sent the other guy's mind REELING!

His eyes were completely fear stricken, and thought we were completely messed up...Ahem...Then he realized that he misheard us...Granted, both people we were talking to thought me and my friend were completely crazy...

*Sigh* How many times do have to tell people that you don't sacrifice sheep to a dark overlord when you RP, etc. etc. insert other silly myths, etc.

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