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I've just been asked if I've consumed sugar today based on my mood and well, yeah, I suppose I have. I love you Starbucks! Moxie is nothing compared to your greatness! ... Well, aside from them having punch cards and you don't. That, you guys need to work on!

*Cough* Anyway! Me! I've decided I should write a post! A non-emo one since I really hate that they seem to be way too present of late.

Umm... let's see. I've been watching a LOT of anime. I have become an anime slut! Wedding Peach, the first Tenchi movie (I love you Ryoko!), Chrono Crusade, Magic Knights Rayearth (Umi/Clef OTP!)... and I'm sure other things too! I've also started playing Prince of Persia 2 with coldfury. He played the first one, and I watched every so often, but I missed quite a bit of it. I should really play that sometime... Liking it so far. Especially the tag system Chris and I have gotten accustomed to - Me: Shit! It's the guy that's chasing after us to KILL US DEAD. OMG, TAKE THE CONTROLLER BEFORE I FREAK OUT AND KILL US, TAKE IT NOW, AAAAAAAH.

Which reminds me, I really need to finish Parasite Eve. The crappy tower part, that is. *Sigh* 100 floors is just MEAN to ADD players, I tell you! MEEEEEEEAN.

... I also really need to start Suikoden and beat The BOUNCER. *Beat* Okay, The Bouncer isn't capitalized, but if you ever played the game, you'd understand.

... My gods, what did they put in that Frappachino???

I've also been reading! Books, even! Chris Claremont is KILLING me! If I was Vamp!Willow I'd 'bored now' him and eat him! ... Well, okay, maybe not. *Blink blink* Wow, that is the first time I realized Willow's name is Willow in Willow! ACK. WHY, why did I have to notice that!? ... Gods, they're even both sorcerer types! *Falls over dizzy*

I'm also reading a sexual fantasies book. I am SO hating it. More rant to follow THAT when I finish the damn thing.

And blah to YOU Laurell K.!

... And wondervixen just called! I should drive over there! And ask her about chicken and foil! YES.
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