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Movies galore

Saw two movies this weekend.

Wedding Crashers: I had a strange experience with this movie. There were some really funny parts, some really boring parts, and then one part that very much offended me.

If there is one thing that I cannot tolerate, it's male rape in any way, shape, or form being found funny.

For some reason, a large majority of society cannot fathom a woman raping a man being anything but comic amusement. Because, of course, how could a woman possibly rape a man when he obviously was liking it enough to get erect, right? So, it may have been rape, but not really. Not enough for it to be taken seriously.

And of course, Vince Vaughn's character discovers later in the movie that he LIKED it. This absolutely horrified me. That a man who divulges to his "best friend" that he had woken up to find himself tied up to a bed, a sweaty sock shoved into his mouth and duct-taped into place, while a woman deemed that he must like it, and then forced some "exciting" sex on him, later in the movie discovers that: YES, MALE RAPE IS AWESOME.

Sure, some guys may like the scenario, but he clearly states he did NOT while speaking of it, as well as, NOT consenting during the act. But, naturally, it wouldn't be as funny if he didn't wind up finding that he liked it later on. Naturally. *Seethes*

The Island: I am happy to report that I had only positive feelings towards it. Absolutely FABULOUS movie. This met all my criteria and a bag of cookies. Hmm, maybe I should have typed this one out first...

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