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I can't help but be mean...

A woman from another part of the facility came into the business office and asked for my help on how to use the copier. So, I head out there and ask her what she needs done.

Woman: I need a copy of these sheets.

Me: Okay... do you need them front and back?

Woman: ... No, I just need a copy. I have one already in the copy machine...

Me: ... Okay. *Lifts up lid* Well, you just need to line this sheet up with this arrow... and, did you just need one copy?

Woman: Right, just one. *Looks at me helplessly*

Me: ... Well, then you just push this big green button (that says Start). *Pushes it and out comes the copy*

Woman: Oh great! Thank you so much!

Me: ... ... Sure, no problem.

Well ego, look at it this way. We got a 70 on the stupid quiz. But we can use a copy machine. Until that moment, I didn't realize that was an unknown skill to... well, anyone. *Shrugs*
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