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Stolen from niennah!

1. I learned what plagiarism was when I was a little girl when I was told I had to write a creative writing story about whatever I wanted. I wrote a cross between The Little Mermaid Disney version and Hans Christian Anderson version. Hey, I thought I was ingenious! My teacher? Did not.

2. I don't eat pig.

3. My middle name is Kiska, which is an Alaskan island.

4. I was born in Fairbanks, in case anyone wonders why I have an Alaskan name (and Russian too! Yay!).

5. I was given a mug full of candy (SUGAR) yesterday at work and it is now empty... this may be why I stole yet another one of coldfury's cookies... and one of his ice cream bars yesterday. *Whistles*

6. Contrary to popular belief, my favorite type of feline is not a panther nor a leopard. It's the white tiger.

7. I'm in love with Rob Thomas.

8. Whenever I hold Ares (my kitten) for more than a few seconds, I find myself lightly bouncing him like parents do with babies. I noted this for the first time (though I knew I'd done it before after realizing) last night and couldn't decide whether it's funny or frightening. I'm still not sure.

9. The story of Hades and Persephone is my favorite Greek mythology tale.

10. I find fog to be the scariest weather type to drive in... but it's a blast to walk in.

11. I'm currently obsessed with reading romance novels.

12. Every once and awhile I get an insane notion in my head that I'd make a good President (usually after our current one makes a news statement)... and then realize that I'd rather be eaten by two black sharks in a big white pool.

13. The idea of having a real wedding makes my skin crawl... but I still want to eat the top layer of my wedding cake with my husband on our first anniversary.

14. I think my ugliest feature is my teeth... and yet I have a tongue ring.

15. To be fair, I think my loveliest feature is my smooth skin.

16. My favorite social activity in the world is just sitting in a restaurant with a group of friends/acquaintances and going around the table asking all sorts weird/personal/wacky/serious kinds of questions that everyone has to answer. (Unless, of course, the person finds the question "Class X", in which case they may pass.)

17. I'm not going to my 10-year high school reunion unless I publish a novel first. (I graduated in 1998.)

18. I miss playing the flute.

19. I regret never finishing the piano lessons for "Fuer Elise" I was given as a birthday gift in college by someone I no longer speak to.

20. I really want a Sourdough Jack.

I tried my best not to do repeats of anything I've brought up before... but it's me. Still, it IS possible!
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