June 7th, 2003

Drinking Panda

Answers to miggy Q's

1) What would it take in terms of social/family/whatever pressure to turn you away from eloping and instead get you to put together a major wedding ceremony?

...If there actually was a way, I doubt ANY pressure would do it. Only one thing speaks to Summer when she's got her mind set: $$
I'm not just talking about ALL wedding expenses, I'm also talking about the extra ...Hmm...$50,000 it would cost for the psychological damage it would cause me.

2) You can have one couple (whether established, former, or purely imaginary up to this point) on any TV show get together and have a long and happy relationship. Who's the lucky duo?

Hmm...Tough. I'm gonna have to go with my fantasy duo. Wesley and Spike on Angel. They both need emotional healing which they can do in each other's arms.

3) You can either have a free two-week trip to Germany where you'll actually have plenty of leisure time and no school assignments, or a free one-day trip to a major convention where you'll sit next to Alexis Denishof for one hour at dinner. (I went with someone new, since you've met the Jameses and Andy.) Which vacation do you take?

*Whine* Kunou voice: "I would have them both!" Ahem...Okay, since I doubt Kristen will allow me to get away with that, I'll go with Germany. First, two weeks away from my family sounds soooo good right now. But more importantly, Germany was AMAZING! I could only imagine what it would be like without having to do homework constantly along the way! *Dreamily thinks of Berlin* On a side note, Alexis is VERY yummy, but I HATE people watching me eat (not that I think he'd be *watching* me, but you know what I mean). I may have a complex... Plus, I'd most likely ask him something messed up like I did to JM. Though, in hind site, I'm glad I asked.

4) If you were going to run away and start a new life in a new city, which would you pick? Feel free to expand on your new life of choice, including your new identity.

Hmm...I'm assuming my new life allows for money expenses. If that's the case - London. It was the most amazing experience EVER (and I only ate at McDonald's everyday to save cash). The people are nice (with sexy accents), lots of black men (drool)...with sexy accents (double drool), the buildings are AMAZING, and it feels very homey. Plus, if you live in the outer sectors of town, it's not touristy.

I also say London based on last night in the Hastings parking lot:

Summer: *Gets out and sees a bumper sticker that says "Mind The Gap"* OMG, Tom! Look!
Tom: Huh? Oh, umm...yeah, that's great.
Summer: *Starts to pet the sticker [shut up]* Mmm...London.
Tom: *In a worried voice* Sweetie?
Summer: Loooondon.
Tom: *Pulling me away from the vehicle* Okay, sweetie, we're gonna go inside now...

5) You've managed to get ahold of my plotting notes for all five seasons of ApocNowish. You know that I'm flaky, and figure you can get away with making one change without me noticing. What one storyline do you add in (at any point in the game), you sneaky little thing?

Hmm...I figured I could just bribe you to get any storyline added ^_- Ahem...It'd have to be funny...Hmm...Heh *evil grin* Elden and Kai having to go undercover as loooovers (Elden's Kai's lobster!). I'm not sure why...But there'd be your gay porn, Kristen! ^_^
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