June 13th, 2003

Drinking Panda

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Kristen and Chris have managed to drag me back into Dragon Realms. Which, yah and all, but I feel soooo overwhelmed right now! ... And kinda dumb. Bleh!

Thus, Summer's new mission is to practice! practice! practice! so she can try to seem at least somewhat competent. And then, after about 28 days, quit cold turkey so I don't have to pay. ... I'm so cheap! ^_^ Ahem... More of poor and have no job, but you know, same thing.

Sadly, that was the most interesting thing about today. I'm really excited about Saturday though! Yah Pride! (Gay parade and stuff downtown) I volunteered to booth for Planned Parenthood. Whoo! I get to hand out condom suckers! And lube! WHOO!
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Drinking Panda

Top ten lists are fun!

Okay, so I've officially decided that, although Summer's home life completely sucks, that doesn't mean that I can't find other uses for my journal. Thus, I'm going to post funky random stuff like this instead of bitching.

Ahem... So here's my top ten list of best movies EVER! Cuz, umm...Movies are cool and stuff.

1) The Rocky Horror Picture Show
2) Josie and the Pussycats
3) Some Kind of Wonderful
4) Girlfriend From Hell
5) Hackers
6) Vampire Hunter D
7) Pyrates
8) Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
9) Empire Records
10) Mortal Kombat
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