June 17th, 2003

Drinking Panda

Interview Q's from jessikana ! WHOO!

It's that time again! Yah for questions! ^_^

1. Where or when are you happiest/most at ease?

In my private dorm room where only I reside. I then can have my choice of many happy activities that are not possible unless I'm without others constantly being in my presence (Hmmm... Can't tell what I've been dealing with this summer...). Some biggies - Dancing and singing like an idiot and writing.

Since that's not currently possible, I'd say, for the moment, I'm at my most happiest when I'm RPing. At least I can be someone else for awhile that has her own studio apartment!

2. If you could magically insert yourself in any movie, book, or television show for a short period of time (like a week or something), which would you choose and what would you do there?

Although there's a few that come to mind, hitting the land of Xanth sounds the most fun (Piers Anthony). Though, I'd like to get my own special power for the week while I'm there (and not some lame one like making a dot on the wall). Hmm... I suppose I could go visit Humphrey... Heh, one year service, my ass! ^_^

As for activities, the list is endless. Besides Humphrey, a visit to Castle Roogna would be a must, and I'd HAVE to hang with Metria! Though, we'd both be screwed in conversation, since I *am* Metria in conversation practically. The girl gets words wrong ALL the time. Hell, it's one of the reasons Tom calls the "Cumbersome" song, MY song (... long story). Right, I'm babbling, so back on track... Eh, I suppose if I saw Humphrey I'd naturally be chosen for some crazy, funky mission that involved some cross-breed companion and an "unexpected" romance.

3. You're in the witness protection program and for some reason they've decided to let you create your own fake identity (rather than just doing it for you). What's your new name, background, and so on?

New name: Kat Stevenson (No, the last name has no sentimental value to me, just made it up to sound good with Kat).

As for background - Hmm... I'd most likely have to drop my Psych interests (too risky), so I'd be a struggling writer who happen to run into some money when a family member died. I'd also have my background say that I had done much work with theatre, and thus, would continue to pursue it wherever her new home happens to be (volunteer stuff).

I'd have two kittens, named Aries and Artemis, and a humble home (read suck as much money out of the system for a LARGE home) with a T3 line.

4. Someone offers you enough money that you could live comfortably for the rest of your life without worrying about anything, and the condition is that instead of becoming a sexual therapist you have to work at Terteling for the rest of your life (and we've seen what happens to people who spend too much time there :-P). Do you accept?

Without even blinking. Granted, it would sadden me to have to abandon something that I love learning about and have planned on making my career, but I have so many damn interests I'd call myself a Rogue! As long as they didn't expect me to stop writing my novel, I'd be all right.

Plus, I love all the staff at Terteling and would love to be able to continue to chat it up with them for longer than anticipated. Not to mention, EASIEST JOB EVER!

5. Where did you get the idea for your novel?

Ahem... I'm not going to live this down, but I'll tell you anyway.

When I was in 5th grade, my best friend at the time and I used to hang at each other's houses and play Barbies (that's right, the tom boy who wears all black used to play Barbies! Bite your tongue or be prepared to duck!).

Ahem, right, so we were both very creative even then and used to make up all sorts of weird shit that they used to do, though each Barbie and Ken had a distinct personality laid out after awhile and were only played with by the designated person.

Okay, getting to the point, I swear. So, after some time, we started this whole "genie" thing, where the Barbie's were genies, and were captured by a complete ass hole and his employees. Ahem, very two-dimensional for 5th graders, but loads of fun.

So time passed, and certain parts of stories became concrete (romantic interests, enemies, etc.) So, it became a thing that we did for ... a long time.

So, later on, when I had decided that I was going to become a writer, I decreed that I would make it into a book. This was decided somewhere between 6th and 7th grade, and I started making the ideas we laid out more 3rd dimensional and complicated (heh, though the angst we already had down, I didn't need to add too much there... Well, that's not true, I angsted it up A LOT more than we ever did... I'm babbling...)

So years went by, and by the time I hit high school I actually had a pretty decent plot going on, and did a whole bunch of research on Djinn, Arabic mythology, etc. Senior year was when I actually finished my Prologue (1998, and I'm only on Ch. 4 now... I'm so sad). Ahem... Okay, I think that's enough.
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Drinking Panda

Questions from coldfury ! Whoo!

1.) How did you and Tom meet, and get engaged so young?

Okay, I'll attempt to keep this brief, since ours is a complicated love...

We met junior year of high school, where we both were theatre geeks who hung out in the theatre room during breaks and lunch. We had some mutual friends who finally introduced us, and I immediately hated him (he wore all black too, and was known as the "guy her wore all black" My title damnit! Ahem, I've grown a lot since then...). Anyway, we started hanging out, then I started liking him (I still don't know how that happened) and found ways to manipulate us getting closer (gotta love girls and their manipulative powers!) Ahem, right, so we became really good friends, and since I really liked him, I naturally tried to get him with someone else (gotta love my logic).

Anyway, didn't work, turned out he liked me too, we started dating through graduation, broke up, were just friends for 6 mos. then hated each other for 6 mos. (okay, I guess it was more me hating him, but whatever), then making up, being friends awhile later, then became friends with experimentation benefits, started dating again.

I started college, then sophomore year we broke up again, then became friends with benefits, then got back together that summer, he started his freshman year of college, I visited him and he proposed.

As for the young age, I couldn't tell you, but we don't plan on getting married for another 4 years or so, so we'll actually be 27 or so.

... That was way too long of a babble... So much for being brief!

2.) Favorite Anime, and why?

I have to split this into favorite Anime movie and series. Cuz, well, I can!

Vampire Hunter D is my love! It's the anime that got me into anime! Granted, the ending sucks, but the rest of it is perfect! Death, gore, angst, romance, a talking hand, fights, and vampires! WHOO!

My favorite anime series is Ranma 1/2. It's hilarious and completely INSANE! And yah for Ryouga! who is me with a penis! My only criticism is the complete stupidity they had changing Ranma's male voice in the more recent anime's! I can't watch them, damnit!

3.) Ever written fiction besides your novel? For fun? What is it/where?

Naturally, I've been writing FOREVER! But, I suck at short stories, so everything I have for the most part (excluding short story assignments from classes) are unfinished. Among some of them is my Buffy smut fanfic that I wrote the default chapter of and three paragraphs of Chapter One, a few fics about different ex characters in role-playing games I played (yah for extra experience!), a second novel I'd been considering writing, and I've dabbled a bit in funky types of poetry as well.

4.) You have to have sex with a Buffy (or Angel) female cast member, which one is it?

Faith! NO contest! Hot, sexy, strong, and vivacious, plus she's most likely got a few good, kinky moves! Ahem, though only if it's pre-Principal Wood. *Shiver* I'm not sticking my tongue anywhere that man's been!

5.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years, life wise?

Hopefully, just finishing up getting my Ph.D and starting a job in sexual therapy. Possibly married by that point, but looking GOOD since that would be the year of my 10 year reunion... My gods, I've been out of HS for 5 years now... Whoa.

This would mean that I'd be living in either a cozy apartment or putting a down-payment on a house. Oh, and I'd be DIRT POOR and heavily in DEBT because of school loans! BLEH!

And, if the last five years have been any indication, most likley on Ch. 8 of my novel, with still 50 books on my shelf that I keep telling myself I need to read!
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