July 1st, 2003

Drinking Panda

Anime amateur, my ass!

So I went to rent a video last night and finally broke down and rented Cowboy BeBop (I hate renting the "trendy" and "popular" anime of the moment). It actually was pretty good, and my friend has the DVD's, so I'll be borrowing them after I finish Buffy S4 (Which, after tomorrow, will be the case... *Sniff*).

Anyway, while watching Cowboy BeBop, I started thinking about how many anime's I've seen since getting into it (About 8th grade). I couldn't possibly come up with all of them, but I've seen A LOT!

This, of course, got me thinking back to when I was chatting with Mr. Chris and he called me (*Gasp*) an anime *amateur*!! Hmph! So, my favorite movie and series are rather old in the anime world, but they're CLASSICS, baby! Ahem, anyway, so to prove a point, er, okay, let's be honest, because Summer was bored, I compiled a list of the anime's I've seen over the years that I could recall.

And here they are:

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