January 2nd, 2004

Drinking Panda

I'm a shopping fool!

Got a Spike calendar for 50% off. Mmm, Spike. Even better, I had a gift certificate to where I went, so it was, technically for me, free! I also got Terry Goodkind's new book, Naked Empire, while I was there. It's thick! I've started to read them over, and am just about to start book five again (which is the one I really didn't like, so I'll be skimming it).

After that, I went to the mall (yes, Summer, went to the mall to shop) with buffysedai and wiredragonfly. There's a sale going on at Victoria's Secret, so I HAD to buy two Body by Victoria bras. Yay new girly things! *Shrug* I've decided that a little bit of girl is okay, if the Tomboy in me is always close to the surface to protest.

Then we found that B. Dalton is closing, so they're having a 40% off everything sale! Whoo! I got The Story of O and a cute cheetah cub bookmark... A strange combo, I must say.

We also learned that a Churro shop had opened in the mall!! Mmm, Churro's. And they put yummy topping thingys inside! Let me say, however, that chocolate holds inside MUCH better than caramel.

Today definately made up for yesterday and the day before, so I am pleased ^_^
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