February 5th, 2004

Drinking Panda

The white chocolate craze must stop

First, it started invading easter bunny rabbits. No longer was our hollow Mr. Cottontail fully milk chocolaty goodness. Oh no, he had to have a white chocolate bow-tie, and perhaps other parts as well such as his nose or the inner parts of his ears.

Fine fine, it appears seasonally. I can deal. I can pull off his white portions and feed them to those that will eat anything. You know, like those marshmallow chick things that are nothing but sugar. *Shudder*

Then it was "limited edition" Kit Kat or some other candy bar similarly stripped of its tasty, dark colored ingredients.

No big, it's presence would soon take its leave. Plus, the other variety was surely still available.

But now... now they've done it. REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS in WHITE chocolate??? WTF? I saw a commercial for them today, and literally became slightly ill at the thought. I mean, seriously, *PEANUT BUTTER* and *WHITE* chocolate? BLAH.

I really have no idea why this bothers me... Well, besides the me being all tightly strung and easily annoyed thing... I really should be a hermit. wondervixen thinks I'll have my first heart attack in my early thirties. She's probably right.

Yes, I realize I could find the regular milk chocolate Reese's. Of course, I don't really eat candy bars. (Though, I really miss those Peanut butter Snickers. Anybody else remember those? Mmmmmm.)

*Snickers at the lyrics currently coming from her MP3 CD*: "Let it go, let it go, let it go."

*Cough* Right, so I'll just quite babbling now. *Steps off her soapbox*
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Knew it was too good to last

Had my first nightmare after about 3 weeks. I've been quite confused of where they had wandered off to, but I wasn't missing them.

And now they're back. Though, granted, the main theme that seems to follow my nightmares wasn't present (that is, Tom wasn't cheating on me, nor were any of my friends or family attempting to kill me).

No, this time my subconscious decided to be original. About five bees were chasing me. I ran for a reasonable amount of time, but they caught up. A friend of mine yelled out that I needed to stay completely still or else they'd sting me, and then I'd die (so, yeah, death threats in my dreams ever-present). So, I stayed completely still as each bee landed on different parts of my body. Naturally, I had on a shirt that revealed my abdomen and lower back. About three of them chose that as their spot, and began to walk along my stomach, my back, while the others chose my exposed arms for their exploration.

Deeply disturbing. I woke up still able to feel their fuzzy bodies walking over me. *Shudder*
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I'm GMing my first session of Vampire: The Masquerade in about 30 min.

I was pretty calm about the entire thing until about five minutes ago.

Let's hope Summer can pull this off. *Crosses fingers*

Though, I figure if I suck as a GM the worst that can happen is that we stop. Which, really, would be fiiiine by me.
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