March 6th, 2005


Might as well throw out a threat of my own...

My words, as lame or as awe-inspiring as they may be, are mine and mine alone. If I friends-lock a post, that means my words are off-limits with the sharing. If I say something that you just HAVE to share to whatever/whoever, then ASK me.

In other words, if anyone on my friends list (which I really doubt that any of you suck that much, but hey, it's gotta be said) breaches the small amount of trust I give to you, I will hold a blanket party in your honor. And sure, you may think I'll never find out that it was your brainiac idea, but remember the soap opera rule - the person ALWAYS finds out.

That said, if you use Frienditto - keep me the hell out of it.
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    Roxette - "Chances"