August 31st, 2005


Gotta love notice.

Voice mail from my mom: "Hey, sweetie, I keep forgetting to tell you... [Your cousin] is getting married this Sunday at 7:30. So, if you want to go, let me know!"

My initial first thought: ... My cousin has a girlfriend? Well, fiancee, apparently. Huh.

My second thought: What the hell! Okay, I realize my family is awful with notice, but damn!

*Runs around in circles* Must. Come. Up. With. Cheap. Wedding. Present. Idea.

ETA: Delayed thought - And hey, why the hell didn't I get an invitation?!
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Geek (Ifritah)

This should be a skill!

His stake and dagger suited his sexterity...

I paused from typing as I noted the red underline underneath the word in my peripheral vision and blinked. And then I snickered.

So tell me, gentle readers, what is YOUR sexterity level?