October 17th, 2005


Me and my projects, I swear.

Yes, I've signed on for yet another project. I'd say a good section of my friends list reads coldfury's journal, but I suppose I should mention what we're doing as well.

Ever hear of Ultra or Improfanfic? If you haven't, you probably won't care, but hey, I state this here so it proves how cool of a friend I am. We started this community called ultraproject where we read and review these stories about all these fighting/anime/etc. characters beating each other up to win a belt (but in a funny way). For someone who has only read the first chapter, I'd say that pretty much sums it up for now!

Anyway, Chris needed support so he could finish his writing of the final chapters, and being that I am so very awesome, I agreed to read and review hundredS (Yes, that capital S should be there) of pages of text. *Falls over dizzy at the thought*

So, uh, hey, if you're intrigued, go ahead and take a peek.
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