October 27th, 2005

Geek (Ifritah)

Geeking out D&D style.

After figuring out what alignment my online RP characters are/were for, uh, well, I guess scientific purposes, I decided to decide for the rest! No test, I did the judging all by myself after reading a description of each alignment. This was somewhat challenging since A)I haven't played some of these characters in months/years and B) Some characters weren't played very long.

Here's what I came up with:

Collapse )

Damn. I love the neutrals! Here's a quick count-up!

Lawful Good: 2

Lawful Neutral: 1

Neutral Good: 1

True Neutral: 3 (Pfft, and the book says it's hard to play)

Chaotic Neutral: 4

I've played a few more characters than that, but either I only played them once or I can't recall them off the top of my very exhausted head.
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