April 20th, 2006

Geek (Ifritah)

RP meme! That'll make everything better!

In an attempt to bring my appetite back after over-dramatizing thoughts of my birthday, I have found a meme that I could actually get into! (Those seem to be rare of late.)

Anyway, stole from millenia, though I did add back in the one question he took out, for sadly, there was one immediate obvious choice.

Collapse )

Okay, I'm STARVING (yay, this meme did its job!), so I'm not going to type out a mini description of each of the RP characters I mentioned here. But really, if you didn't know that particular character, would you care? If you do, then by all means comment, and I'll give you a brief description of the character you're curious about, okay? There, everyone can be happy!
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