June 8th, 2006

Queen of Spades

DJ! That's me!

Okay! Shockingly enough, I'm going to be DJing tomorrow on Radio Free Mars! 4:00 - 6:00 MST.

I'm going to finish that damn POV theme with: Songs that are both men and woman POV. That is, that both voices are present in the song. And, well, considering I didn't have enough songs to fill that up with, I had it duo with songs that don't have words period! There might be some humming or whatever, but no actual words. Yay!

For those that have asked me how to work this whole tuning in (and apparently ignored the last couple posts I explained this), here's how it works...

The easy approach is to go here: http://nyc1.radiofreemars.com:8000/

*Note: No, I'm not putting the website in a pretty clicky. Mostly because I'm in a hurry to get some things done before I gotta head out at 1:00. Besides, this way, I know there'll be no confusion!*

Anyway, there's two channels. You'll want to check out the top section. It'll say 'Queen of Spades' up there. It'll also show the song currently playing (or the last one played). Below that is a 'click to listen' option. You, uh, click to listen. That'll automatically open up a music what-have-you that'll start music.

Second way to tune in that's a slight tad more complicated: http://www.radiofreemars.com/

At the top it shows a URL that you can paste into your mp3 player of choice. For me, that'd be Winamp. Now, I don't know how it works with other programs, but with Winamp, you just need to type Ctrl + L and it'll open up a small window for you to copy/past that URL in. Press enter and voila! Music!

Come support Summer actually getting off her busy train for a couple hours so she can entertain you! ... Well, or so she can babble inbetween songs about things of little consequence! You know, whatever.
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