September 25th, 2007

Wesley (miggy)

Authority issues.

The admissions person where I work is high up on the authority chain... which really drives me nuts for multiple reasons. But for now, let's just talk about the note she left me:

"I tried to call. They said they would call back tommorow."

First off, I'm annoyed because after I'd indicated she needed to follow up on this case, she flung it right back in my lap. *Grumbles*

But more than that - SHE SPELLED TOMORROW WRONG.

I'm sorry, but I have real big issues of people telling me what to do that can't even spell simple words. It's like the time I worked the graveyard shift at Flying J and my supervisor left me the note:

"Please stalk boxes in back."

I showed the note to my co-worker working with me that night... and then began to stalk the boxes. Yes, that's right, I haunched down, and slooooowly started walking closer to them, hoping they wouldn't notice my approach.

And hey, I'm not the best speller in the world. To this day I want to put an e in judgment. It looks better with an e, dammit!

But come on, if you want to be taken seriously, learn the damn basics.
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