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Lotto dreams

The Idaho lottery is up to $340 million for this Wednesday.

*Daydreams of what she would do with all that cold, hard cash (after half of the money is taken from taxes, of course)*

What would I do? Well, let's see...

1) Do the responsible thing first. Pay off loans, credit cards, do the same for friends and family, invest, blah blah.

2) Buy a Jetta.

3) Leave the Jetta at home as I tour Europe.

4) Buy my own island, build a house there, fully staff it with employees that have absolutely no problem with me changing their names depending on their position, and stay there with Ares until I finish writing my novel.

5) Somewhere inbetween go to a doctor's office and orthodontist's office to get fixed up. Hey, who needs insurance when you've got mula like that?

... And many many more thoughts came into my head, such as hiring a personal bodyguard who I would call Rufus or buying an entire tank of lobsters and letting them go back to their watery homes (and pretend they're smart enough to not be caught again).

Mmm, money. Soooo preeeeetty.

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